Friday, 7 May 2004

Do you ever have very vivid dreams? I have always been able to remember my dreams and at times when I am stressed or upset I often have scary dreams or dreams full of conflict. Last night I had a nightmre about someone trying to kill me and one about hearing some shocking news about my sister. I woke up feeling emotionally exhausted by them and they feel so real when you are dreaming.

Often my dreams involve me becoming very angry and I think it is because I often get annoyed during the day about something and instead of facing it I just repress it because I don't want to annoy anyone and I don't like conflict at all. I am left feeling a bit like there is this crazy, subconcious person inside me just waiting to leap out when I least expect it.

On the other hand, sometimes I have wonderfully inspiring dreams which leave me feeling encouraged about life either because I have done something great in the dream or there has been a sense of hope in it.

P.S. We got all the photos from our wedding the other night. I love them and the more I look at photos the more I love the day we had. So many women I have talked to have regrets about the day but I have to say I loved it all.

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