Thursday, 27 May 2004

I had a weird experience this week. I was labelled a fundamentalist in a large, public situation when I wasn't there after expressing views which encouraged people not to judge Christian kids at school too harshly and to recognise that whether you agree with their beliefs, they are just as worthy of respect as anyone elses.

I view being called a'fundamentalist' as an insult. It does not describe me and has very negative connotations. I would say I believe in the fundamentals of the Christian faith but I am not a fundamentalist in the stereotypical sense. I have had it with sanctioned prejudice against Christians while prejudice against other groups is treated very seriously.

I tossed up whether to take the matter further but either confronting the person who said it or making an official complaint. I decided that I don't think people would realise the distinction or the offense and what would be done about it anyway? But it doesn't stop me being very annoyed!!!

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