Tuesday, 25 May 2004

I have been feeling rather convicted of late. I have spent time with some friends who have made me feel like a rather poor example of a Christian. My liberal and lefty views have often caused me to be interpreted as less than committed to my faith. But I have decided that having a committed relationship with Jesus should be more of a priority in my life even if I have a tendency towards a more cynical and questioning sort of faith.

I think it is easy to turn faith in a real person into a set of philosophies to live your life by. I guess what I have been challenged by is other Christians who I may not agree with on issues related to faith but whose personal faith life is real and rich.

However what I interpret to be their faith and what reality is really like for them may be two different things. There goes my suspicious side again!

But I have realised that if my relationship with Jesus is the most important thing then I better act like it. Tune for what that could possibly mean!!!

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