Monday, 17 May 2004

This morning I went for a walk. It was wonderful to remember I have muscles and they are good for something. I really believe exercise is necessary to remain sane, especially when life is busy. I haven't really done any excercise for months and I hope I can stick to my new lifestyle adjustment!

I realised this weekend that since getting married I haven't been spending enough quiet time reflecting and writing in my journal. It had begun to feel like I was a body wandering around detached from my mind. I was feeling numb because there was so much I hadn't processed with all the changes in my life.

I know that I have to make time to think otherwise I live my life unconsciously and then become depressed that I don't seem to have any direction or be achieving anything. I think I also need to take time to pray, not just as an after thought or to think "Oh well, God knows everything I am thinking anyway." So I want to work out how to have time by myself while I am married. Sounds simple but it is strange when for so long I couldn't wait to share everything with him and now we need time apart to actually be healthy together.

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