Tuesday, 22 November 2005

I got really miffed at the supermarket this morning. They have installed LCD screens at all the checkouts, which broadcast ads at you while you wait in line. I got really grumpy thinking about it. It seems very Minority Report to be advertising at the checkout where, presumably, you have already made the decisions about what you will purchase. So are they there to just make you dissatisfied and want to come back for more?

It seems like everywhere you go someone is trying to sell me something. Even on the back of toilet doors!!! What frustrates me is that at the supermarket and in the loo at the movies I have no choice about whether I let the advertising bombard me. At least with telli I can mute it or change the channel or even turn it off. With billboards and LCD screens in supermarkets I have no choice. I am just a sitting duck. And I thought that free market economics was all about choice? Seems I may have been mistaken. The choice seems to be only for companies about where and how they market but I have very little choice about whether I receive it.

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