Monday, 21 November 2005

It was one beautiful weekend! On Saturday I went to my first big summer BBQ. As we pulled up outside I thought "I am going to savour this!" And it was truly lovely. great company and food. One thing I did notice is the role reversal that has occurred as I have grown up. IT was a 60th Birthday BBQ and all the older people there who are in the glories of the third age all were lying resplendant on the grass in the sun. Meanwhile all their kids and their significant others were sitting around the table. I still remember many Christmas's where the adults would sit at the table the kids would sit on the grass. Now these adults are coming into their second childhoods where they can do whatever they like without being interupted by kids or trying to keep up an image of authority and responsibility. So what does it say about us, that we felt more comfortable sitting at the table?

On Sunday I watched my hubby check the beehive he has installed at his parents place. It is amazing what bees can do. After only 2 weeks they were already making honey. And beside the beehive is the chicken coop where there were fresh eggs for the taking and over in the paddock are new lambs. All the flowers are out and I felt completely surrounded by new life. Summer still feels energetic rather than the dried out and tired feeling of February. I love newness!

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