Tuesday, 31 January 2006

I am back! I have had major technical difficulties with my computer so hence the absence. I have also really been enjoying my summer holiday. Beautiful times with family and friends. But today the bliss ended and I am starting my new job. Just meetings this week and then kids next week. Very scary to be starting something new. I am hoping that I will not get into my old habits of procrastination. My new school is a very inspirational place to be and though it will be demanding, it feels like I am actually going to make a difference. I have been praying lots that I will feel a strong sense of God's calling and the more I think about it the more the school fits with my passions and the and people I love to be with. So I am excited about it. Still some trepidation but I think that is healthy. My policy for this year is to listen and learn lots and avoid bright ideas or drawing attention to myself. I want to pace myself and learn the lay of the land. Hopefully this job will be a keeper and I can become part of the furntiture in the school community. It has only been open for 2 years so that shouldn't take too long really!

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