Monday, 8 November 2004

Again I continue to be a slack blogger without even having comments on the blog. I will get around to it at some point. I had a rather profound experience at church last night. The sermon was about Zachias up the tree and the rich young ruler; generally about two rich people with different attitudes to Christ and money. As the sermon began I felt really angry. It seems as if in Church we all just talk to ourselves. I knew everyone in my Church would be to some extent sympathetic towards the idea of simplicity and giving up our possiessions even though it is a very hard and as someone put it, "an unreasonable" request. So then I thought who is supposed to be hearing this, who needs to hear this?

I swallowed my sense of frustration and tried to listen adn hear myself becasue often when I get a sense of what I think is righteous anger it turns out to be an issues I need to deal with myself. And it was. Am I really prepared to give up all I have, really? Not just in some metaphorical, Hillsongs surrendering my emotions or soul or something?

Once I had thought about that I still came back to the fact that chuuches talk to themselves. WE go to a certain chruch because we have things in common with the people there, they hold similar theological views so therefore we just tell oursleves what we already think over and over again. Jesus prayed for unity inthe church but if there is no diversity in our chirhc communities there is no struggle for unity. We are just avoiding communicating with those who disagree with us by sticking to our own kind. I don't know what the solution is but it makes me frustrated that radical and revolutionary teaching is always heard by the people who already believe in the revolution.

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