Tuesday, 16 November 2004

Making decisions is so hard. Very few of them are black and white. I have been struggling with a decision for the last week or so. It involves time, family, money, travel and energy and I still don't really know what to do. I could make the decsion based on being cautious, but then I feel that I am living a small life, ruled by fear of what might happen. However I could also be using wisdom in being cautious and wary.

I could make the decision based on warm fuzzies and day dreams about what might happen but I have been around long enough to know that things never happen just the way we would love them to. So which ever way I look at it I am taking a risk, either to do too little and be too scared or to create an unrealistic dream of what the results of this decision might mean.

And after all that wrestling around, the decision doesn't even seem that big anymore. Hmmmm. Perspective is so hard to get when making descisions for yourself. It is much easier to give advice to someone else!

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