Wednesday, 17 November 2004

I am very proud of myself today. Not only did I go for a walk this morning, I have a letter published in the Herald today. Usually I just get really annoyed about things but do nothing. This time I did something almost before I thought about it.

I am a Media teacher and have been really suprised by Filpside, a teen news programme being cancelled. I use the programme in my class and the students were really upset to hear it had been cancelled. I guess it was one of those situations when they realised that just being commercially successful is not enough. Someone with a big desk and not much vision decided it was a threat and so got rid of it. It is another example of teenagers being fobbed off and losing a voice.

But I did something. It probably will not make any difference but at least they know that people are annoyed and can't pretend that no-one cares. I hope I will be able to be more of an activist in the future. I've always thought Sue Bradford was pretty inspiring!


  1. Excellent!
    It always annoys me the letters aren't in the online edition! I shall have to go and find one in the staffroom, probably have to wrest it off Gordon, who I see is also on your email list!!

  2. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Yay you marion- I'm proud of you too! ps. it's Kyla:)
    I know how big this is for you. Well Done. I'm also VERY glad to see you blogging again - I had missed you.