Monday, 22 March 2004

Intuition is a fabulous thing. I am quite a gut person. I get strong feelings about things and tend to make decisions based on intuition. I did a personality test recently which confirmed that I make decisions intuitively rather than by weighing up evidence. The description of my personality type pointed out that if I try to make decisions based on logic I may make the wrong decision and that my intuition is a much safer way to go.

This raises interesting issues. Often intuition has been seen as the realm of women and has often been connected with negative views of women such as being overly emotional, prone to hysteria and irrational. I

I wonder whether the value society puts on being rational is overrated? Maybe we should feel more free to make decsions based on deeper feelings and senses while also considering the facts and evidence. Then we are using all parts of ourselves, not just the parts that have been valued more. Interestingly, my fiance is also an intuitive person, so it is not just women who have this type of personality.

I feel much more confident in my decision making ability now that I know that intuition is a valid way of helping me make a decision.

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