Tuesday, 9 March 2004

Homemaking, nesting. Oh so anti-feminist but it is what I yearn for at the moment. We have just found a flat to live in once we get married. Under a house which is surrounded by bush. One side is dark and against a bank so when you look out the window it feels like you are in the kiwi house at the zoo. However the bedroom and one side of the lounge are light and have a peaceful view down into a bush clad valley. It is about a ten minute drive to work and close to the ferry. Very quiet.

I want to make a home for myself. I am sick of staying temporarily. Even quite stable flatting situations are just temporary and at least with getting married we will have a home which is our relationship where-ever we go. Hopefully this place will be home for about 2 years.

Oh and it looks like we can go away for the weekend. It is so wonderful that time and space is given to us just when we need it. Sometimes God is suprisingly generous with foolish people like me who burn the candle at both ends and then moan about it.

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