Tuesday, 15 February 2011

When it gets a bit much

It is getting a bit exhausting, the whole 'recovering from depression' thing. Between trying to eat healthy, exercise (still at the visualising stage), taking supplements, therapy and the upheaval that brings, as well as the depressive thoughts and feelings I still struggle with, life feels a bit too much like hard work at the moment.

One thing which helps is reading other womens' stories. I read a great post about this on this blog - beyond postpartum. It made me think about what I love to do which gives my mind a rest from all the self analysis and 'doing'.

So here's the list:
  • play with Ella - but not think about the other things I could be doing.
  • cook
  • garden
  • watch a film
  • watch good t.v
At the moment the new seasons of my favourite shows are starting and new shows are onto their second episodes. In the last week I have discovered some gems. Since I used to be a media studies teacher here is my round up of generally feel good (good for those with depressive tendencies) t.v at the moment.

  •  Martin Clune's Horsepower - TV One Sunday 7:30pm who wouldn't love a doco about horses?
  • Offspring - TV One Sunday 8:30pm drama comedy about obstetrician with anxiety disorder and dysfunctional but likeable family. Lots of voice over narration and quirky animation, fantasy sequences. So good I even stay up late for it!
  • Packed to the Rafters - TV One Wednesday 8:30pm definitely my favourite show on TV.
  • Go Girls - TV Two Thursday 8:30pm. Hilarious and really likeable characters.
  • Super City - TV Three 10:30pm so late it is silly but so funny and thoughtful. Madeline Sami plays 6 different characters from a Iranian taxi driver to a fitness instructor in denial about her sexuality. Great story lines and an amazing performance.
Let me know if I have missed any treasures.

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