Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Today I feel inspired. I always feel this way after going to La Leche League. Meeting with stunning women who are living their lives and sharing their struggles and triumphs is such good food for my soul. I love listening to the stories and sharing my thoughts. I also feel encouraged to be more than just one dimensional. I think some people think of motherhood as being 'on demand' for their child or children 24/7 and waiting for them to grow up before doing anything for themselves. But today the discussion has prompted me to do things for me too. I want to make the most of the flexibility that being at home offers me and I don't want to fall into the trap of thinking I can't do anything else except work, do the housework and look after Ella.

While I was working I never had any hobbies really, just socialising. But I can see now how much I need outlets for myself and that if I don't, once Ella doesn't need me as much I may wake up to find I have wasted so many opportunities and have let myself hide behind Ella. I want her to grow into her own person as I continue to grow too.

So I am off to Spotlight to get some fabric for a couple of presents I want to make and to get some stuff to finish Ella's dedication photo book and start some other scrapbooks. And I have an idea for some cards I would like to make. So this time it is not just going to be an idea, I am going to follow through. You better hold me to that!

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