Thursday, 24 April 2008

a word in season

I am so grateful for the friends God has blessed me with. When I am struggling and feel like my perspective is warped I am always amazed at how one of my friends will say just the right thing to help me to see my life with clearer vision. They are also often able to show me compassion and understanding when I can not show that to myself. They really do make Jesus' love for me real, even when He seems silent and distant.

I truly believe God has granted me many of my friends. Some I have met through the way God created me and the shared interests and experiences we have through those similarities. Others have been almost miraculous, a God set up. Such as making one of my dearest friends. Despite being in a university paper with more than 400 people, I ended up in a tutorial with her and by accident realised we had friends in common and the rest is history. Another friendship was born out of a camp and a horseriding fall. Some friends I have been blessed with through my marriage and even through the deep friendships my parents have and the children of their friends.

God knows how much I need others in my life to help me navigate a path. I am not an island, I need others and I thank God that the people He has put in my life are truly beautiful people who are owe a great deal for the wisdom and love they show me.

My friends show me God's hand in my life and His love for me. I hope I can do that for others.

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