Monday, 28 April 2008

Are you defined by what you say no to?

I was thinking about the Steinlager Pure advertisement which states that New Zealand's culture is defined by what we have said "No" to eg. nuclear power/weapons, GE etc.
I was thinking about whether my "No's" define me.
I think they do to a certain extent. But I would rather my Yes's did. I want to be defined by what I am for, rather than what I am against. If all I am is a bunch of disagreeing and avoiding and rejecting then what am I left with?
I want to be full of seeking and finding the good and the right and the pure. I want to say yes to hope and not just no to despair.
Yes to love and not just no to hate.
Saying no may be the first step but by saying yes to what I believe in it moves me out and takes me forward, rather than standing still surrounded by No's.

But I do find it easier to just say No. It is scarier to say Yes and let the No's take care of themselves. It breaks down the boundaries and removes false security and comforts. And I am all about security.

Yes, you wouldn't have thought it was so tricky.

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