Tuesday, 27 April 2004

Wow, I'm back on line in nore than one sense. I got married two weeks ago and have been away on honeymoon since. It has been a strange but wonderfull time. The day before the wedding was awful and I didn't sleep at all but by the time I was getting ready the next day I was loving it. THe service was fantastic. I can't remember the vows at all but I remember the message. I really appreciated that it focussed on keeping your relationship real especially on such an 'unreal' kind of day.

The honeymoon was great. We went away to an island in the Hauraki Gulf and ate great food, went for walks and read books. It is probably the best holiday I have ever had where I trully relaxed to the point where I couldn't quite wake up at all each day.

Settling back into 'normality', whatever that is, has been quite scary for me. I am a very proficient worrier and I have been afraid that we wouldn't be able to get things together. But things are good. We are all settled into our place and went for our first real grocery shop yesterday. strange how mundane things like that are exciting to me at the moment.

I am back at work today which is strange. Not feeling that motivated and very detached but as my collegues predict, it will probably only last 1 hour and I will be back into it.

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