Thursday, 12 February 2004

Migraines. According to recent statistics it is one of the top 20 disabilities in the world. Everyday in New Zealand 5000 people are not at work because of migraines. Since I was about 13 I have had migraines on and off. They seem to be triggered by stress or sudden relaxation so i can't really control whether I get them or not. On the continumn of migraines they are definitly not the worst you can get but I definitly cannot work and have to go to bed until it passes. For about a week afterwards my brain feels very fuzzy and I am really tired. I hadn't had any for about 2 years until Christmas eve and since then I have had about three. Interesting that my engagement has triggered them!

The reason i am writing about this is that it raises issues with illness and how I cope with it as a Christian. I have had prayer about the migraines and didn't have any for about 2 years after that. I would like to say it was God but I also think it was a very settled time in my life. so I don't know. How do we deal with the loss of control of being ill? We all have things to do in our lives which benefit others and it often seems a senseless waste to spend a week out of action. Why does God allow it?

Of illnesses to deal with, migraines do not compare to the suffering of many others due to illness or injury. I have read quite a bit on why God allows suffering and that definitely helps me to come to terms with it. The trouble I have is with the views of Christians. There seems to be a group of Christians who believe illness is a sign of sin in your life. I do not hold to that unless you are actually causing the illness with your own lifestyle or behaviour. There are also those who believe in prayer for healing which I also believe in but I know so many people who despite the prayers of many are still suffering.

There seem to be no easy answers except that I know God loves us and wants good things for us. Maybe our attitude to our sickness is the most important thing. And our compassion towards those who are suffering.

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