Monday, 27 December 2010

Mothering Tank

Christmas has come and gone and the dust is settling. Just before Christmas Ella and I were struck down by a nasty bug and I was busy with finishing off at school. We also had some family worries on our minds. So by the time we packed up for the road trip to my sister's for Christmas I was feeling pretty stretched and like I might topple over in a stiff breeze.

Through all of this my mothering tank had got a little empty. For me it is the sense of having enough to give to my child and the patience and thoughtfulness that a busy toddler needs. Ella has been feeding like a newborn since she had the tummy bug and with the heat I have been feeling a little sucked dry. And the family road trip, though heaps of fun, doesn't leave much room for Mummy time. Throw in time with family who are watching your child and commenting on their development - supportively! but still commenting, it is a recipe for a Mummy breakdown.

What I needed was some deposits in my mothering tank. And they have come just as I really needed them. Watching Ella enjoy family and new experiences while we were away has made me marvel again at how much of a miracle the growth and learning of children is. As she soaks up life and explores it is such a joy and a reward for the hard work I put in each day. Hubby and I also had a great talk as we drove home about how much we love Ella, her quirks, her confidence and even the things that other people may see as not so convenient or acceptable. I also got home to find the first issue of The Natural Parent magazine in my letterbox. Reading about the things which I think about as a mother, provides nourishment and inspiration. And the La Leche League magazine Aroha is full of the personal experiences and struggles of Mums just like me.

I think the holiday season can be full of excitement and lovely time as a family. But it can also be exhausting and a time when the tank runs low. So I hope you find ways to fill your tank as a parent this holiday season and remember that your children want you. Just you. And you need nourishment yourself for that to be possible.

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