Sunday, 4 July 2010

Be brave, be idealistic

I am a very idealistic person. I know how I think life and the world should be and I get disappointed quite frequently that it is not that way. You would think I would learn, but instead I have decided to go with it. I think if a marketer described me they would say I am a "reformer". I want to change things and make them better. Well, most of the time, except for when I am tired, can't be bothered and just want life to be easy and comfy and tidy and simple. But it isn't, even when I try.

So late last night when I was awake and thinking I decided to go with my idealism. To not let cynicism and age creep in and kill the dream. I had been thinking during the day about doing some sewing and getting a hair cut and not buying lots of new stuff. And usually I let those late night flights of fancy disappear in the morning. But not today.

So my hope for the next year - July 2010 to July 2011 is to shop consciously.

So I am going to try to avoid buying things new and aim to buy as much second hand as possible.
If I have to buy new then purchases should be:
  • New Zealand made
  • of if not ethical/fairtrade/sustainable
  • upcycled/recycled
I am already trying to buy local or unprocessed when it comes to food but I want to keep working on that.

I guess I figure that if I can't live up to my own ideals then I can't be disappointed that I don't see those ideals around me.

Current purchasing projects on the go:
  • dinner set made up of retro eclectic crockery
  • wool pants and some bigger clothes for Ella
Current make it myself progress:
  • spare room being set up with crafty stuff at my finger tips.
  • got a book on sewing baby stuff out of the library and hope to do some holiday projects.

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  1. To go with the 'recycling' theme, I've got plenty of baby clothes looking for a new home if Ella would like some... :)

    Good luck with your projects.