Thursday, 9 October 2008

Seeing a future

I am feeling so revived and excited about the future. It has been gloomy year for me where I feel like I can only see a few feet in front of me and my past calls me more than my future. But some seeds have been planted over the last few months which have helped me see that there are possibilites for my future that I never would have considered before.

I had forgotten what it felt like to feel truly excited about the future and free to plan for that future. I believe that it is a work of God in my life to redeem my pain and create a new hope. And what I find so exciting is that it is so unexpected and that gives me faith that no matter what I think about my life and what I believe is possible or impossible, God is active and I can put my hope in Him.

I promise to be back with a less cryptic update soon.

But in the meantime it is springtime in more ways than one!

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  1. hmmm... i keep looking, hopefully! but no "less cryptic update" yet... take care, lynne