Wednesday, 3 August 2005

It's a blue dome day. There is nothing like it. As I sit in my classroom typing I have a beautiful view of the sunshine streaming down and only a couple of small clouds seemingly stalled int eh sky. I love days like these. They are like therapy or a happy pill. On days like this spring is just around the corner and if ittakes a little longer to arrive winter doesn't feel that bad anyway.

A friend used to say to me that when she was woken up by her alarm, if the song on the radio was a good one then she would have a good day. In the novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime the main character, who is a young boy with Aspergers, uses the colours of the cars he sees on the way to school to determine his mood and behaviour for the day. I am sure I am like that too.

This morning I slept in and loved waking up as the sun came up instead of in darkness and driving to work with the sun warming my face. A sunny day covers over a multitude of reasons why I could feel grumpy. It is not suprising that my spirits and the spritis of others are lifted by the weather since we are part of creation. The sun brings new life at this time of year and those who don't get enough tend to suffer from the winter blues.

Not that rain is always a problem either. It is life giving also and there is nothing like heavy rain on the roof while you are snuggled up in bed or a sudden downpour which drenches you and awakens the child within and reminds you that you are not the master of your environment and your life.

I gues what I am saying is that I love weatherr. It makes me feel alive adn reminds me that I am not the centre of the universe and there is definite reflief in that. If what I am and what I do is not always that important I have the freedom to experiment and make mistakes without the world colapsing around me. I guess it is the freedom of the ant!

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