Tuesday, 15 June 2004

Long time, no write. The other night I wished that I could have the faith I had when I was a teenager. It was a simple, God is in control, trust God in all parts of my life faith. I feel like all I do now is question and doubt. I want that real and dynamic relationship with a person called Jesus but it feels like it is always out of reach, pushed aside by over analysing and political or philosophical views.

But I refuse to turn my brain off or my convictions because they are part of the me that God created. So where do I go and what do I do to have an authentic faith but one which is full of passion where I think of Jesus and God's involvement in my life every day?

I always come back to the fact that it is me that matters in this whole dilemma. It is not external things like Church or books or a new revelation from some wise person. I think it is having the maturity and commitment to make it happen, to commune with Jesus every day and let him show me how to truly be me with a genuine faith, not just a culture or a philosophy.

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