Monday, 7 June 2004

I have been thinking for a while about bridge builders. It seems that often Christians are divided by so many different preferences and view points that it is difficult to feel like the unified body of Christ. I have been to many different types of churches in my time; pentecostal, conservative baptist, anglican, presbyterian, emerging churches. I have enjoyed a great deal about all of these styles of doing and being church. Some have been difficult to adapt to and I have settled in a church which suits my intellectual and social persuasions as much as spiritual. But I am often struck by what a blessing these experiences have been. When I am in a multi-denominational setting I don't feel out of place or that how things are run is foriegn to me.

I wonder whether in the next while, with so many people choosing churches based on other reasons than denomination, whether people like me who have experienced lots of parts of the body of Christ will need to be bridge builders between those with different perspectives.

It is sad when we write one another off as 'wrong' because we personally don't like how they do things. I can think of many criticisms of the church I attend. But I don't think being right is the most important thing, as often the need to be right creates division and conflict between Christians. So I hope I can help to remind people of the other perspectives out there so we are not so quick to judge those who are from the same family.

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