Monday, 20 August 2012

Celebrating George

In the midst of the struggle I love my son. He is gorgeous, observant, settled. He crosses his hands and his feet when he sits on my knee, like a patient old man. He loves to stretch his arms up as high as they will go and has strong legs. When his sister talks he moves his head to find her. He loves to watch and clouds and trees outside. He would much rather go to sleep in my arms than anywhere else. His legs are getting roly poly and his has a beautiful double chin. When he has his nappy changed he tried to have a conversation with me with his eyes. Sometimes when he sneezes the sneeze seems to disappear and all that comes out is a sigh.

That is what I am celebrating and marvelling at right now. I love you George. Welcome.


  1. So beautiful! I love how you have described who George is. What a gift babies are. xo

  2. He sounds like an amazing little person, Marion. Isn't it such a privlege being a mum. A challenging, but rewarding privlege. I can almost picture him on your lap, the way you describe him :)