Sunday, 10 April 2005

I am a bad, bad blogger! It has been so long since my last post (last confession). I have been survivng at school adn trying to get work done before I blog but now that we have internet at home I have no excuse!

I have been going through some major ups and downs. Nothing major has happened but a couple of weeks ago I was so motivated to make so many changes and improvements in my life. I am now sick, it's the end of the term and I couldn't care less. If I get to work not naked and can bluff my way through the day i figure I am doing okay for now. The holidays start in one week and they can't come soon enough.

It is our one year wedding anniversary next week. Wow, a whole year! It has gone so fast, and been pretty fantastic. We are just carrying on. Hubby is doing Uni, I am doing school and we are planning a holiday in Melbourne in July. I am becoming more and more content and settled.

A couple of weeks ago I had a breakthrough with my habitual restlessness. I said to someone that I thought God had given us this time for preparation. we are both quite tied down to what we are doing at the moment adn we can't make any drastic changes but suddenly It clicked. There is a purpose to this time. We are not getting "left behind" and there is a reason for this season. Since then I have felt a real peace. It is amazing how powerful verbalising something can be to help you realise it is true.

Since then my attitude to work and life in general has improved and I am thinking about the little things I can do to prepare for whatever God may call us to in the future. I know what my passions are and there are so many possibilities for using them so I want to use this time to explore them and what the future could hold. I am considering doing a mission discipleship course to explore where I see myself and to work through issues still unresolved since I was invloved in leadership in a Christian group at Uni. I also want to find a way of further intergrating my faith and life.

So yeah, I am sick and tired but thinking and looking forward to keeping on keeping on!

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