Monday, 14 February 2005

I am very irregular in my blogging at the moment. I am trying to be good at work and do work stuff first. And there is always work to do so I never quite get to blog. And also I feel under pressure to have some profound thoughts, which seem not to be coming.

Over the weekend I went to a BBQ and met up with a whole lot of people who I got to know at Uni. It is so good catching up with people. What used to be a daily occurance has become more of a 6 monthly accident when we all get together to celebrate someone's birthday or engagement. I love seeing where everyone is at and what they are doing.

It makes me think about what I thought life would be like after Uni and what it is actually like. I guess I wan't too far off but I thought I would be more radical and that life would move a lot faster. But I'm not and it doesn't.

I think I am gently radical now with an eye to reality and I am still trying to figure out how to live out radical, Jesus centered Christianity in a burbsy kind of environment. I think also I am not sure I want to sacrifice some things anymore and I am probably a little more realistic about who I am as a person and what I do and do not cope with. However I don't want to sell out.

I get the feeling that in the near future (which has become a couple of years instead of a couple of weeks, since I left Uni) I will have to choose between the comfortable and the familiar and where my heart and passion really lies. I think now is the preparation time. I don't want to wait to start living right until that time but I think I have opportunities right now to test the waters and think about where I want to go. So yeah, life is exciting and full of possibility but there are still bills to pay and so somehow God will show me how to live. I hope I can listen.

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